Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is DRAPAC23 Assembly?

DRAPAC23 stands for Digital Rights in the Asia-Pacific 2023. The new name anchors the event in the previous country and regional digital rights forums – and channels the conversation, creativity, and camaraderie from these past events to a larger regional audience. The Assembly aims to strengthen solidarity and networks among changemakers, champion diversity and inclusion within the movement, and bridge the media, technology, and human rights fields.

The Assembly will feature over 120 sessions spread out across five days in the city of Chiang Mai, covering a variety of co-created sessions such as panel discussions, workshops, and the regional film showcase Cinemata Big Screen.

2. When and where is the assembly going to take place?

The Assembly will be held from May 22 to 26, 2023, at the Chiang Mai University Convention Center. The first session will be held on the morning of May 22, while the closing ceremony will be held early evening of May 26. Full details will be made available to confirmed participants.

3. Who will be participating?

The DRAPAC23 Assembly is for digital rights advocates and those interested to learn more and build networks within this community. This includes academics, journalists, rights advocates, media-makers, artists, designers, technologists, youth advocates, representatives from marginalised communities, and more.Interested attendees will need to register for the event and complete the peer-to-peer verification system as part of the security protocols for the event. EngageMedia expects around 350 participants to attend each day of the Assembly.

4. How can I participate? Are there fees to participate in the assembly?

Only registered participants will be allowed at the Assembly. To register for the event, sign up for an account on here. There is no registration fee to attend the event.

5. Where can I get information about travel and accommodations related to the DRAPAC23 Assembly?

Interested attendees should secure flights, accommodation, visas (if needed), and other travel arrangements to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Please note that EngageMedia does not facilitate travel bookings.

COVID-19 travel restrictions: Proof of vaccination is no longer required for entering Thailand. Travellers are advised to check this page and their respective countries’ travel protocols for requirements related to inbound and outbound travel.

Visa: The type of visa you need may depend on your country of origin and the duration of your stay. You may contact the appropriate embassy or consulate for more information on visa requirements.

Travel arrangements: Participants will need to make their own travel arrangements to Chiang Mai and to the event venues. You may choose to use a travel agent or online travel booking platforms. There are many transport options available in the city during your stay, including public transit, ride-sharing services and taxis (Rod-Daeng).

Accommodation: We have partnered with a number of hotels in the area. Confirmed participants will receive more information on availing discounted rates. Please note that we do not handle accommodation reservations or bookings.

The following hotels are located within the vicinity of the Assembly venue:

6. How will I know if my session proposal or fellowship application has been successful?

EngageMedia thanks everyone for the overwhelming response to our call for session proposals and fellowship applications. As of posting, we have sent out emails to all applicants regarding the status of their proposals and applications. Please check your inbox, and reach out to the DRAPAC23 team through drapac23.appli[email protected] if you have not yet received a response.

7. What protocols will be observed during the Assembly?

COVID-19: The Assembly will follow recommended health protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees. We encourage attendees to wear masks when in closed venues, exercise best judgment when feeling unwell, and to observe social distancing and enhanced sanitation and hygiene practices.

Participant safety and security: For participants with security concerns who wish to remain anonymous during the event, the Assembly team will exert all efforts to keep your personal information confidential. Please reach out to us if you have any concerns regarding your participation at the Assembly. A co-created privacy and security protocol will also be enforced during the Assembly.

Code of conduct: DRAPAC23 has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of harassment. A code of conduct for the event will be co-created with participants. If you encounter or witness untoward behaviour during the event, please report it immediately to a member of the event staff or security personnel.

For incidents that require immediate attention (such as medical emergencies or security concerns), participants can contact the DRAPAC23 Assembly emergency hotline, which will be made available to confirmed participants.

8. Where can I get more updates about the Assembly?

Visit, sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter, and follow our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mastodon) for the latest news about the Assembly.

9. Who can I get in touch with in case I want to talk about partnerships and sponsorships related to the DRAPAC23 Assembly?

EngageMedia invites interested partners to support the Assembly through funding, media coverage, or volunteering.

  • For sponsorships, funding, and media coverage: Please fill out the form here.
  • For volunteering opportunities: please fill out the form here.

10. Who can I contact for additional inquiries about the Assembly?

For additional questions or clarifications about the event, please contact the DRAPAC23 Assembly team at [email protected].

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