Asia Pacific Secure Tech Developer Meetup


Sam de Silva, OPTF
Alex Linton, OPTF

  • Monday, 22 May 2023 (Day 1)
  • 14:30 – 16:30 hrs (GMT+7)
  • CMU Art Center – Room 1

The bulk of the internet freedom and secure tech apps are being pushed out of Europe and North America. There are highly skills and talented software engineers who have expertise in cryptography and security in the Asia Pacific, and this meetup aims to bring those developers together.The meetup will also provide an entry point for those interested in becoming a secure tech developer. It is envisaged that the meetup will help kickstart an Asia-Pac community of secure tech developers who can collaborate and support each other, create secure tech apps, and grow a pool of talent to build secure tech for change makers both in the Asia Pacific and globally.

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