Roundtable/Focus Group Internet Monitoring Action Project (iMAP) & 2022 Findings of Internet Censorship

Sinar Project

Kelly Koh, Sinar Project
Siti Nurliza Samsudin, Sinar Project

  • Tuesday, 23 May 2023 (Day 2)
  • 14:45 – 16:45 hrs (GMT+7)
  • Kantary Hills Hotel – Doi Nang Room

This session will begin with an introduction on iMAP, followed by the findings of 2022 country reports in 8 countries: Cambodia, Hong Kong (China), Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. There is also an interactive component where we will invite the participants to join the discussions and explore ideas on ways the participants can utilise the report findings into their work. We will also share some examples on how OONI Measurements and internet censorship reports were used in other countries.

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