Panel/Talk Reporting on Myanmar in the Age of Digital Authoritarianism

Exile Hub

Annie Zaman, Journalist & Asia Advisor, Free Press Unlimited
Tin Zar Aung, Media Trainer
Yucca, Multimedia Producer and Researcher
Shoon Naing, Reuters Senior Correspondent Myanmar
Gar Gar, Digital Security Expert

  • Wednesday, 24 May 2023 (Day 3)
  • 14:15 – 15:30 hrs (GMT+7)
  • UNISERV CMU – Inthanin Room

The worsening political crisis in Myanmar has resulted in an increase in digital authoritarianism, where journalists both inside the country and in exile face significant challenges in reporting on the situation. In addition to long-standing tactics such as censorship and internet shutdowns, recent documents reveal that the Myanmar military has acquired Pegasus spyware, a powerful surveillance tool that poses a serious threat to journalists and other targets. In light of these developments, the need for journalists to take digital security precautions has become even more urgent. This panel discussion will feature firsthand accounts from Myanmar journalists and insights from digital security experts to address these challenges. The discussion will also explore best practices for safeguarding digital communications, mitigating monitoring and surveillance, and examining the role of media organizations in supporting and advocating for digital rights amidst growing threats of digital authoritarianism. The discussion is expected to revolve around the challenges faced by journalists and reporters in maintaining their digital security while reporting on issues related to authoritarianism in Myanmar. The panel aims to provide insights into the current state of affairs and strategies to mitigate the risks associated with digital journalism in such contexts.